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Lawn Mowing
Solon, Iowa

Steffens Lawn Care is committed to providing you with the best lawn care service in Eastern Iowa. We provide weekly mowing services in the Solon, North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City, Swisher, Shueyville, Cedar Rapids, Marion, and surrounding areas. We take pride in honest, quality service and making sure the job is done correctly. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Residential Lawn Mowing

Steffens Lawn Care specializes in residential lawn care. We offer customizable quality weekly lawn mowing services that leave your property looking beautiful and manicured. We understand everyone lives a busy life!

Take the weekends off to spend time with family and friends and let the trusted Steffens crew professionally maintain your grass. Contact us today to set up regular residential lawn care services!

Commercial Lawn Mowing 

We offer commercial lawn care and maintenance services. Add curb appeal to your business front or homeowners association. Our mowing services showcase a professional and well-manicured look. Take the stress out of making sure your property is up to everyone's standards and let the full-service crew take care of your lawn and landscape.

Give us a call today at (319) 310-9485

Brush Mowing

We can take care of ditch mowing, overgrown lots, the shoreline around ponds, wet retention pond areas, and hard-to-access areas. A brush mower or brush cutter is bigger than standard mowers and is used when cutting taller grasses or brushes. We have the equipment to clean up any area of concern from overgrown lots to land clearing.
- Get your yard looking great in no time.
- Cut through any type of grass, plant, or bush.
- Feel more confident hosting a backyard barbecue. 

Maintain Sharp Mowing Blades –

We believe in keeping your lawn healthy. That is why we always keep our mower blades sharp. This prevents disease and also provides a nice clean looking cut lawn. 

Height Of Lawn – 

Keeping your lawn healthy is a priority one. We change the mowing height as the seasons change. This allows us to maintain the health of the turfgrass. Following the correct practices prevents diseases, promotes deep digging roots, helps the grass conserve water, improves turf density, and improves turf color.

Mow In Different Directions –

We mow in different directions each week. This helps avoid rutting by not going over the same path time after time. Mowing in different directions is a major factor in the health and appearance of your lawn.

Only The Best Mowing Practices –

We follow correct mowing practices and only mow when the grass needs cut. We will not charge you when the grass does not need to be mowed. Mowing during hot and dry conditions can cause extreme damage to your turf grass. Steffens Lawn Care frequently monitors the conditions of your lawn so we do what is in the best interest of the health of your lawn. We follow the 1/3rd rule when cutting.

Lawn Mowing Services, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Solon
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