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Tree  Felling & Care Services

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Steffens Lawn Care is a tree trimming and felling company that services the greater Solon area. We offer professional, prompt service at an affordable price with excellent customer satisfaction!

Steffens Lawn Care is here to make your property look its best with tree planting, tree trimming, and felling services. We have the experience you need for a successful project!

Tree Trimming

To keep our trees healthy and safe, we trim the branches off of them to prevent any damage. If a tree is sick or dangerous then you should contact an expert who can take care of it safely for us!

Tree trimming is an important process that can be used to keep your trees healthy, but also if you have a dangerous or sick tree then cutting it down would help with public safety.

Tree Felling

Healthier trees are important to keep our world healthy, safe, and green. When you trim or cut down a dangerous tree it can make room for new growth that is stable in structure which will provide shade over time while also providing your home with stability!
Felling an unhealthy one not only creates safety risks but reduces property values as well so let's get started on those maintenance tasks today by calling (319) 310-9485

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